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This "clean" electricity is delivered to your house by your local utility, in the same way it provides fossil fuel generated electricity. You can switch electricity suppliers at any time—if you have an existing contract with an electricity supplier, be sure to check it before you switch products or suppliers to avoid penalties!

When buying a REC through a third-party retailer, you're purchasing the environmental benefit of the clean energy without electricity service. This flexibility allows even those who do not directly communicate with their energy suppliers to offset the pollution from the fossil-fuel-sourced electricity they buy and use. Purchasing RECs creates the demand for more renewable energy, adding clean power to the electricity grid and decreasing the amount of electricity generated from fossil fuels.

Both purchasing options - purchasing clean electricity directly from a utility company or purchasing RECs— help support clean energy development. By purchasing clean electricity from your utility or another retailer, you're creating a market for renewable energy and pushing energy suppliers to purchase more electricity from clean energy sources.

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Use the Green Power Locator to find a renewable energy retailer in your area. You are directly affecting the amount of clean electricity available in the grid and supporting suppliers of sustainable, renewable electricity! Have a renewable energy system on your home or business in Montgomery County? Tell us your story and appear on our blog! Skip to main content.

Toggle Navigation Menu. Renewable Energy. Solar Energy. Solar Energy Solar energy technologies harness energy from the sun to produce electricity with photovoltaic PV panels or heat water and air with a solar thermal collector.

Buying Clean Electricity | Department of Energy

This makes renewable electricity cleaner and better for the environment than burning natural gas or coal. Unlike coal or natural gas, renewable energy supplied by these sources is readily available and constantly replenishes. In the case of SRECs these facilities must be solar facilities. SRECs account for this energy produced by solar panels.

What is renewable energy and how is it generated?

They can then sell these SRECs to electrical utilities. Voluntary REC buyers are typically environmentally conscious organizations focused on reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. These organizations can have many motivations for purchasing RECs. They might have emissions goals they are trying to reach as a company, or might want to know where their electricity is coming from.

Homeowners can also be voluntary buyers of RECs, meaning anyone can support renewable energy at an individual level. Compliance buyers are electrical utilities that are obligated to have a certain percent of their electricity generation come from renewable resources. These laws mean that a utility has to provide RECs as proof that they are sourcing a set amount of their electricity from renewable resources. The utility can generate the RECs themselves with renewable energy sources, but if they do not generate enough they have to purchase them. All Rights Reserved.

Compare the best offers from solar installers near you. Enter your zip code to find out what typical solar installations cost in your neighborhood. Get Competing Solar Quotes Online.

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Our Green Advisory Service helps you build your power strategy with renewable suppliers. Let us create a solution for you. Traditional power plants are one of the leading causes of pollution. Choosing green power is one of the most impactful choices you can make to directly help reduce emissions. When you switch to Green Energy Exchange, you're not only helping save on your monthly electric bill - you're also helping stop climate change, one kilowatt hour at a time.

Switching over a home that uses 1, kwh per month for one year is equal to:.

How renewable energy credits work

At Green Energy Exchange, we supply individuals and businesses with green electricity that comes directly from our renewable generator partners. We pass our savings on to you, which lets us keep prices low.

hukusyuu-mobile.com/wp-content/answer/4351-how-to-put.php Together, we can help reduce emissions, fight climate change and encourage the growth of renewables. In most parts of Texas, individuals and businesses get to pick their energy provider.

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