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Moderator Thomas Carothers will engage Professor Diamond in a structured discussion to probe his thinking and bring in the audience for a larger discussion.

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Copies of Ill Winds will be available for purchase. He is the founding coeditor of the Journal of Democracy and also serves as senior consultant at the International Forum for Democratic Studies of the National Endowment for Democracy. Thomas Carothers is senior vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. In that capacity he oversees all of the research programs at Carnegie.

The Carnegie Democracy, Conflict, and Governance Program rigorously analyzes the global state of democracy, conflict, and governance, the interrelationship among them, and international efforts to strengthen democracy and governance, reduce violence, and stabilize conflict.

You are leaving the website for the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy and entering a website for another of Carnegie's global centers. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Sign up for Carnegie Email.

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Experts Publications Events. Without ignoring the reality, serious attention is needed from government entities to ensure timely reconstruction of damaged houses.

An ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ standout.

We hope that the victims do not have to worry about spending another night in compromised spaces facing several difficulties. The takeaway from this calamity is to move from a reactive approach to a proactive one when it comes to preparing for natural disasters. No doubt, there is huge support from the public and private sector where people band together and raise funds. But these are only stop-gap measures. In the long-run, it is the government that needs to be organised in their approach to disaster management.

The end goal should always be to rebuild societies in the event of any natural or manmade catastrophe.

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Along with that, authorities concerned should ponder upon minimising the long-term impact of disasters by focusing on reducing economic losses and saving more human lives. Dahal is a sub-editor at Kantipur Television. National National Security Province No. Opinion An ill wind that blows no good A first-hand account of the recent disaster in Bara and Parsa. Published at : April 7, Updated at : April 7, The number of anti-Semitic incidents is on the rise.

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He was, he wrote, fed up with being humiliated by anti-Semitism. He is not alone. A recent survey by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights found that three-quarters of British Jews believe anti-Semitism is a problem, up from half in There has been a rise in the number of recorded anti-Semitic incidents, which range from graffiti to physical violence. The Community Security Trust CST , a charity, counted 1, such incidents in , the highest annual total since it began in In the past, anti-Semitic incidents have tracked events in the Middle East, with violence against Jews in the West mirroring wars involving Israel.

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This time that is not the case. So far polls show no evidence of an uptick in anti-Semitism in broader British society. But some worry that people may come to adopt more strongly held views if they are exposed to them in public life. Louise Ellman, from a nearby Liverpool constituency, has faced similar abuse. The JPR study found that people on the left were no more likely than others to hold anti-Semitic opinions. But the same was not true of those with ardent anti-Israel views.

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