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In this first of many meetings with historical figures, Allan forms a friendship with Coffin, who eventually takes him to hear a speech by former slave Frederick Douglass. Douglass's powerful words cement Allan's transformation into an abolitionist--a transformation that will lead him back to his Deep South home with the hope of freeing slaves and eventually back to the North and the fateful Battle of Manassas.

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Kent Gramm, author of the introduction for this new edition of Manassas, calls the novel "a modern version of the morality play," with the United States as the central character. Upton Sinclair was born in in Baltimore, Maryland.

He was the author of 80 books, and his novel Dragon's Teeth won a Pulitzer Prize. He died in Bestselling Series. Harry Potter.

Manassas: A Novel of the Civil War

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Categories: Adventure Books Historical Fiction. Description Upton Sinclair is one of the most well known authors of the twentieth century. His most famous novel is of course The Jungle, a work of fiction that brought conditions in the United States' meat packing industry to the forefront of public thought. He was also the author of dozens of books, both fiction and non-fiction, and is considered a great American writer.


Classics Civil War Fiction: Manassas : A Novel of the Civil War by Upton Sinclair (2000, Paperback)

Manassas is the story of the United States in the period leading up to the Civil War. The book is an account of life in the South, where slave ownership was common and clashes between landowners and their slaves were frequent and often brutal. The protagonist of the story is a young Southerner who leaves the South and joins the abolitionist movement in the North.

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It is a story of families torn apart and the tremendous damages done by slavery. The book also serves as an excellent introduction to American politics at the time, and was written at a period when the wounds of the Civil War were still fresh for many Americans.

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Sinclair is an author who deserves the credit he has been afforded, and Manassas sees him in excellent form. With clever, beautiful, prose, Sinclair weaves a story that is both gripping and heartbreaking. This is a great American novel written by a true master of his craft.