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Back at Volpone's house, the entertainment provided by Nano, Castrone, and Androgyno is interrupted by the entrance of Lady Would-be, who talks Volpone's ear off and brings him a cap she made herself. Mosca enters and dispatches with her by telling her he saw her husband Sir Politic on a gondola with another woman.

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Mosca hides Bonario so that he may witness the conversation with Corbaccio. However, Corvino and Celia arrive early and Mosca is forced to move Bonario to the gallery.

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After considerable deliberation, Celia is forced to be alone with Volpone, who reveals to her that he is not actually sick. Volpone offers her his fortune, but she declines. Just as he begins to force himself on her, Bonario leaps out and rescues Celia, exiting through the window. Mosca, who has been wounded by Bonario, enters and attends to Volpone. Mosca then convinces Corbaccio and Voltore to go after Bonario. Sir Politic details his get-rich-quick schemes, one of which involves selling the Venetian state to the Turks.

Lady Would-be enters and accuses Peregrine of being a woman who is seducing her husband. Mosca enters and convinces Lady Would-be that her husband's seducer is actually Celia. Though they side with Bonario and Celia at the opening of the case, the Avocatori eventually align themselves with Voltore, who argues that Bonario committed adultery with Celia and attempted to kill his father. Lady Would-be testifies that Celia seduced her husband. Bonario and Celia have no witnesses of their own, so they lose the case. Volpone's soliloquy at the beginning of Act Five foreshadows his punishment at the end of Act Five.

He complains that, during the court case, he began to feel the pains which he has been faking for so long.

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He downs a glass of wine to "shake it off" 5. Mosca goads Volpone to begin cozening his "clients," so Volpone writes a will naming Mosca as heir and spreads the word that he is dead. When Volpone's "clients" enter and discover that they have been duped, Mosca berates them one by one as Volpone looks on from behind the curtain.

Volpone and Mosca decide to disguise themselves and continue tormenting the "clients" in the street. Pretending to be a messenger, Peregrine tells Sir Politic that he has been reported for his plan to sell Venice to the Turks.

Sir Politic panics, instructs his servants to burn his notes, and hides under a large tortoise shell just as three merchants, dressed as statesman, enter the house. Once the merchants discover Sir Politic under the shell, Peregrine tells him they are even and leaves.

Volpone; Or, the Fox

Sir Politic decides to leave Venice forever since his reputation has been so damaged. In the street, Volpone, disguised as a commendatore , torments Corbaccio, Corvino, and Voltore by pretending he has heard news that they inherited a fortune. Voltore cracks and goes to the Scrutineo to confess that he lied during the previous court case. He gives his notes to the Avocatori but when Volpone, still disguised, tells him that Volpone is still alive, Voltore retracts his confession and pretends he was possessed while making it.

While debating over whether to turn himself in, Volpone discovers that Mosca has locked him out of his own house.

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After being summoned by the Avocatori, Mosca arrives at the Scrutineo and affirms that Volpone is dead. Volpone beseeches him to say that Volpone is still alive, but Mosca demands half of his fortune. When Mosca and Volpone cannot agree to share the fortune, Volpone is apprehended by officers of the court.

Before he is led away, however, Volpone unmasks himself and brings Mosca down with him. The Avocatori then hand down punishments to Volpone, Mosca, and the rest of the "clients. How does the beast imagery work to critique human failings in volpone? Animalization, that is, Jonson's representation of characters as their namesake animals, transforms Volpone into a kind of fable.

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The page you are attempting to access contains content that is not intended for underage readers. Paperback, Pages. This item has not been rated yet. Ben Jonson was a master of satire who ranks with Jonathan Swift and Voltaire. In Volpone, he tackles greed.

The wealthy Venetian gentleman Volpone is as cunning as a fox, and he pretends to be very ill and dying in order to entice legacy-hunters to give him valuable gifts in hopes of being named his heir. This works well for three years, but then … This is an easy-to-read retelling of Ben Jonson's satiric masterpiece: "Volpone, or the Fox.

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